How I Became a Wannabe

I can remember back to the 80’s when the Frugal Gourmet was on our local PBS channel – I would watch his shows with such fascination. My mom collects and reads cookbooks – for years she was big on experimenting when she had time, mostly with cookies, every now and then there’d be an experimental savory meal. I loved being in the kitchen when mom was making stuff and when I stayed with my Meme, I’d do the same. When I was old enough to make chocolate chip cookies on my own, I would pretend I had a cooking show, just like Jeff Smith! I’d talk to the wall (before fancy backsplashes), pretending it was my camera – I taught so many imaginary people how to make Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookies!! I have always had a love of cooking and creating tasty, simple or fancy meals – let me rephrase that, once I realized that food could be amazing, I had a love for it (I wasn’t adventurous until my high school years). In high school, I was asked what I wanted to do after graduation and what degree I wanted to obtain – I wanted to be a CHEF!!!

Life stepped in and took me many different directions, but the constant has always been my love of cooking. My hope with this blog is to show folks that cooking can be fun, easy, messy, not so amazing at all times, and an adventure.

Let’s get cookin’!